We've made it!

Canadian visas

Today we’ve made it! 200 miles to Barnaul and back in less than four hours, running up the semi-empty highway like a hound-dog. Only to pick up passports from the Pony Express office. Only to make sure there are Canadian visas in them. Well yes, there are the visas. Along with a booklet for Canadian newcomers.

Rephrasing Kurt Vonnegut, I’d say it all started when we were younger men - twenty-one months ago, 640 breakfasts ago, three cities ago…

Published on September 16, 2009 (about 8 years ago)

Article tags: canada, immigration

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RomanMSK almost 8 years ago

Congrats guys. Hope some day we will find ourselves over there, too. Now we are waiting for a work permit.