Where is my privacy, dude?

Today I got a notice from a Russian Google-wannabe company that my free web hosting account registered while ago yet in stone ages does not show any activity for at least four months, and is going to be deleted soon. Furthermore the systems has already blocked access to the web site, and wants me to make changes to the content in order to unblock it. I’ve decided to just delete the useless web site instead. Quite soon I learned it won’t be easy. The system does not allow you to delete a hosting account while it is blocked. I’ve managed to reset password as I can’t remember the one assigned. I had to use a cellphone in order to perform the password change. Good Lord I’ve bought a new cell phone just yesterday, but what if I don’t have one at all?! Not everyone on the Earth does use a cell phone! Anyway, I got the PIN and put a new password and even wiped off all content of the hosting. But I still can’t delete the hosting account nor the whole account associated with my login name (they call it a Passport). The account termination routine returns an error message, and offers you to repeat the attempt in a couple minutes. Needless to say it won’t work for you not in a couple minutes nor in a couple hours. My wife said she’s failed to delete her old account months ago too. Seems Yandex.passport is a good addition to the over-hyped Russian classmates resource rumored to be under control of Russian feds.

So folks think twice before you bite a free cookie. In Russia cookie chews you.