Cerberus at the gate

Bureaucracy in the local Polish Consulate kills all my desire to visit this nice country once again. Every time it comes to applying for visas they lead me to the point when I’m ready to throw away invitation papers and advise officials to go fuck themselves in a backyard. This time they compel me to write an affidavit letter to my wife Eugenia, so I pledge that will cover all her expenses during our stay in Poland. Stupid morons! Despite the fact that both our passports are stamped with Polish visas on every other page, she’s my wife and shares the same banking account with me.

As the last visit to U.S. Embassy in St.Petersburg is still fresh in my memory, I can compare both experiences happened in a short time. I’d say Polish visa requirements are worsened a lot after joining the Schengen zone. And I know for sure it is not because of the Schengen protocol. We never had such problems with getting visas in German Consulate, who is also a member of The Schengen Agreement.

If not only the IELTS exam Eugenia’s going to pass in Krakow, I’d change my route immediately. To Prague, to Bratislava, to any other place. Do they really think tourists would still bring money to the country if kept treated like that?!

Ugh, only big, hot and spicy Czarny stek with a tall glass of fresh cold Zywiec in a lovely Sphinx restaurant can turn me back to loyal.

Published on May 27, 2008 (almost 16 years ago)

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hlopetz to Cerberus at the gate

ржал и плакал. плакал и ржал! сколько эмоций!

almost 16 years ago

Paul Philippov to Cerberus at the gate

честное слово, меня достали унизительные процедуры, за которые мы должны быть благодарны нашей кремлевской пиздобратии с их внешней политикой запугивания всех и вся. идиотизм ситуации заключается в тос, что прилетает-то все бумерангом по нам, простым туристам, а не по толстожопым дипломатам с вип-визами.

over 15 years ago

Sławek to Cerberus at the gate

Greetings from Poland. I've found your blog because of USB error and now i'm suprised that you wanted to visit my country.

almost 8 years ago