Hacking Firefox key binding overlapping

Open source Firefox web browser equipped with a dozen of extensions is my main tool for everyday web development. After switching to Firefox 3 and updating all previously installed extensions I faced a regression of a very useful feature — Ctrl-Shift-S shortcut for switching CSS styles on a web page provided by WebDeveloper toolbar didn’t work any more. Instead, a sidebar with bookmarks gets opened in the browser.

After a short investigation I found out that the shortcut was overridden by another extension — Delicious Bookmarks. Unfortunately, the extension did not provide an easy way to remap key bindings from its options panel. To change them, I had to go directly to Firefox built-in configuration panel.

I typed about:config in the browser address bar and hit enter like I always do to open a web page. Agreed to be careful while working in the settings window I found a long list of available parameters. I typed ybookmarks in a filter bar above these parameters and limited the long list to only display settings relevant to the desired extension. In the limited list of settings I found one named extensions.ybookmarks@yahoo.original.keybindings.remap.secondary.sidebar.key and double-click it. In the modal window I changed S to D and saved it.

After restarting the browser I’m able to switch CSS styles with Ctrl-Shift-S shortcut again, and I have Delicious Bookmarks sidebar bound to the next key combination Ctrl-Shift-D (for Delicious).