Meet the Ramka

UPD: Google has shut down Google Code hosting in early 2016.

I’ve just committed another open-source project into Google Code repository.


Ramka is an easy to use PHP script to display images on your website in a blaze. Just drop it somewhere within a web root at a PHP-enabled hosting server, add some images to images/ directory (configurable) and you are ready to display the album to your friends.

A narrow mouse-scrollable list of photos appears on the right pane. Photos will be displayed at the rest available area, loading in background without re-loading the page itself. Titles get derived from file names, say, my_perfect_roma_vacations.png file name turns to “my perfect vaction” title and so on.

Photos get resized (not actually resized but squeezed) to fit into available view area. (Note: fullsize image is loaded. If you wish to save traffic then resize images before uploading to server!)

Background toggles from white to black and back with a click on image canvas.