Swatch Internet Time applet for NIT

I love the idea of decimal time emerged by Swatch corporation back in late 90’s. The concept is dead simple. A day is divided up into 1000 equal “beats”. That’s it.

Imagine what a bright feature it could be if everyone uses .beats. No more hours, minutes, seconds… No more boring 60 * 60 * 24 calculations in program sources. I have adopted beats for myself and encourage you to follow the trend. My laptop has Beats Applet for GNOME installed but I also wanted to have Internet Time with me on a go. Since original Swatch watches featured with .beats are ether ugly as hell or sold out, I came up with the small applet for my Nokia N800 running maemo Linux OS2008.


Cairo-based Swatch Internet Time applet for Nokia Internet Tables is available for download from maemo garage. You can adjust one to match your desktop theme, setting font face and size, background and foreground colors and opacity level. Grab it, install and send your suggestions to improve.