Instead of a resumé

My name is Paul Philippov. I am a web developer for almost 15 years. I have experience of designing and developing internet resources in a wide range of industries. I like to build simple and intuitive web sites with great attention to detail. I strive to write elegant and valid code. Needless to say, I have expert skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

For my web development tasks I prefer to use Ruby programming language and corresponding frameworks — Rails for heavy-weight projects and Sinatra for small ones. I use MySQL or SQLite to store projects data.

I am a devoted Linux user and an open source initiative supporter. I contribute to a number of open source projects. I write my own scripts and desktop utilities in Ruby, Perl, Python, Bash and make them available in public repositories on Github

I have a knowledge of Internet and understanding of associated protocols and services. If something is new to me, I read and understand technical documentation and references.

I have a skill in Graphic design, and I am a hobbyist photographer.

I speak English. My mother tongue is Russian. I understand Polish and Ukrainian a bit.

Selected Past Works

Independent Web Developer

August 1998 — present
I started to develop web sites after we have sold the radio in late 90s. What a time it was! Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer 3.0. Limited support of JS, CSS. Gopher protocol. Stone age of Internet! Everything has evolved since then. So did I. Along. In those years, I have created tons of miscellaneous web projects for customers from all over the world. I learned how to do everything: assemble a server, install and configure software, write an efficient web site and deploy it onto client’s server overseas. Also, I consult customers over emails and instant messaging helping to solve miscellaneous IT problems.

Senior International Reporter at OTR Global, USA/Germany

July 2006 — November 2008
I participated in global international research projects covering Eastern European markets. I performed interviewing of sources in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. I did data analysis, data presentation and wrote reports in English. That was a no-brainer, a shameless exploitation of my Russian identity, and it was boring. So, I quit.

Journalist at Radio Krai, Russia

March 1990 — September 1998
I broke up with state TV and turned to radio. Along with partners we created a pioneer independent FM radio in the region. I held live on-air programs, took interviews with celebrities, conducted talk-shows, etc.

Journalist at Altai TV, Russia

January 1988 — February 1990
My first take on journalism. I participated in live and pre-recorded programs for local state TV studio. I created a popular music show where I was broadcasting on-site reportages from concerts, took interviews with musicians. That was fun.

System Administrator at Training and Production Centre, Russia

September 1986 — July 1988
That was my first job after graduating from school, and it was about computers! I assembled and repaired computer hardware, installed and configured local networks throughout the building. I even wrote some examination programs for educational purposes.

Personal Projects

The Kantor
A web-service that allows users to calculate given amount of money from one currency to another according to recent exchange rate from European Central Bank. The core library is written in PHP and released under BSD open-source license. The web site UI is written with XHML and JavaScript.

An open-source desktop client for Tumblr micro-blogging web-service. Runs on Linux operating system with GTK toolkit. Built with Ruby and GTK.

Internet Time libraries and applets
A set of open-source projects that allow users to have decimal Internet Time on their Nokia Internet Tablet devices running Maemo Linux, personal computers running Linux operating system with GNOME desktop environment; also available as libraries for different programming languages that let developer to use Internet Time in their projects. These projects are built with Python, Ruby, JavaScript (as jQuery plugin).

An open-source web-album that does not require installation. Written in PHP and JavaScript.

Gentoo Linux overlay
A personal Gentoo Linux overlay repository with ebuilds that are not included in the main portage tree of Gentoo. Publicly hosted at GitHub.


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